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Acheter sur le site Poshmark américain aux USA
Order on Poshmark U.S. Site

Shop on U.S. site Poshmark

Even if the Poshmark USA site is no longer to be presented, allow us to refresh your memory on this marvel that has been revolutionizing the habits and modes of consumption for years.

Poshmark, like Vinted in Europe, is a specialized site to find branded second hand clothing and accessories for men and women as well as for children.

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What can you find on Poshmark USA ?

You can easily find the rare gem on this online sales website at an unbeatable price and moreover negotiable with the seller for most of the time.
Because the seller is a private individual just like you!
This is precisely the key to this system of private-to-private sales in the United States!

Indeed, what a shame to leave this beautiful pair of brand new Louboutin shoes in the closet, worn only once... Isn't it?
So why not recover a few dollars and some space in the closet, by putting it on sale on Poshmark quickly and simply!

Commander sur Poshmark aux Etats-Unis et livraison en France

Shopping tips on Poshmark in the United States among :

  • Men's and women's shoes,
  • Du vêtement de marque et haute couture,
  • Branded clothing and haute couture,
  • 80% off luxury handbags,
  • American Makeup,
  • Home Decoration products made in USA,
  • Jewelry at discount prices,
  • Clothing for babies, toddlers and teens from American brands!

In the United States, Poshmark has been a real success in recent years.
This website for the sale of second-hand American clothing at low prices not only allows you to find bargains to buy, but also to sell everything you want and used.

This new sales niche has conquered the Americans and the U.S. by reaching more and more eBay enthusiasts because there are also a lot of vintage pieces and cheap American clothing brands.

Poshmark is available both on desktop but also and above all via the easy-to-use mobile App inspired by the Instagram app.

Icing on the cake, in order to secure the transactions and put in confidence the buyer, the Poshmark USA site guarantees and keeps the payment until the buyer (you) declares to have received the product!

But the American website Poshmark still doesn't accept foreign payments...
It is therefore not possible for you to place an order on the American Poshmark site from your country.

Luckily, that's what MisterShopUSA is for!

Use our assisted shopping service so that we can make your purchases for you on the Poshmark US site.

As always, you will be able to combine several purchases made on different American sites, which we will ship back to your address in a single package and with a big smile!

How to proceed ?

Buying on Poshmark in the USA from Abroad


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Fill out the assisted purchase form!


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Reshipment of your package to your home!

Cost of Assisted Purchase Service

If you are having trouble ordering online from a US website, our Personal Shopper will take care of it for you! All you have to do is wait patiently for your packages.

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9.9% commission of your shopping cart*
+ $9 Personal Shopper flat fee
+ Shipping cost
*Minimum commission: $15

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Reduced commissions with personalized estimate.

Request your free quote now via your customer account.

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