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Price examples

Here are a few examples of shipping costs to expect. The more you group your purchases, the more you save money!
See Relay-Shop section below for service cost.

Buy clothes on us website

Buy clothes on US website

Buy on your favorites US websites a few pairs of jeans, a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers and get them delivered to your country.

Shipping cost :
Buy cosmetics on us website and forward to your country

Buy Make Up on US website

Buy a full make up kit plus cosmetics products on US websites and get them delivered to your country.

Shipping cost :
Ship to your country packages from US websites stores

Group your purchases and save $$$

The more you consolidate your purchases of accessories and equipment on US websites, the more you save money!

Shipping cost :


The ideal parcel forwarding service to order by yourself on American websites and take advantage
of our US address to have your purchases delivered there

acheter sur amazon usa et renvoi de colis en France

Frais de service pour le traitement d’un seul colis reçu dans notre entrepôt.
** hors frais de livraison

acheter vêtements aux etats-unis depuis la France

Frais de service pour le traitement de deux colis reçus dans notre entrepôt.
** hors frais de livraison

frais de livraison service relais colis usa france

Frais de service pour le traitement de 3 colis reçus dans notre entrepôt : $12.00
** hors frais de livraison

Over 3 packages :

+ $3.00/Package

Personal Shopper

If you have trouble ordering online at any US website, Our Personal Shopper will take care of it
for you ! All you have to do is wait patiently for your packages.

commander jeans sur site levis usa

9.9% du montant de votre panier*
+ $9 de frais de service
+ Frais de livraison
*Minimum commission: $15

acheter vetement americain sur site aux usa

AU DELÀ DE $2 000
Commissions dégressives et devis personnalisé.

Demandez un devis dès maintenant via votre compte client.

aide achat assisté personal shopper aux usa mistershopusa

– Pas de frais cachés!
– Une réelle personne à votre service 7/7
– Traitement des demandes sous 1-2h
– Gestion de vos achats de A à Z
– Photos du contenu de vos colis
– Frais de groupage offert!

additional options

+ 1.99$

Remove invoice from package

+ 2.49$

Detailed photo of your items

+ 3.99$

Maximize protection with extra Bubble wrap

+ 4.50$

Packages consolidation

+ 4.99$

Repack in brand new carton

+ 6.99$

Reduce package volume

+ 6.99$

Gift wrapping or personalized message

+ 7.99$

Express processing (same day shipping)


Extended storage

+ 9.99$

Special request (on demand)

And even more to discover in your customer account....

* A $15 flat fee will also be applied to any "Personal Shopper" order. This amount is used to cover International bank fees transactions.

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