How to get a package delivered from the USA?

comment recevoir un colis des etats unis
How to get a package delivered from the USA?

You can now shop on any US website without having to use an international payment method. With our services, you can shop with a US shipping address and have your items delivered to one of our MisterShopUSA warehouses.

Shop products online in USA

What is MisterShopUSA?

MisterShopUSA is a parcel forwarding service.
We act as an intermediary between you and the American websites that do not deliver in your country.

How do we do this? By offering you a mailing address in the United States. All this without any registration fee and no time commitment. Yes, Zero fees!

You finally have the possibility to order American products online on websites in the United States that do not deliver in your country.

Mister Shop USA takes care of receiving your purchases in its American warehouse in Miami, Florida, then ships your packages back to you.

How to order in the USA and have it delivered to my country?

When you register for free, we give you a US mailing address to have your shopping delivered to.

Use your Mister Shop USA address as your shipping address when ordering from any US site.

Tip: Order from several different US sites and combine your packages into one box to save up to 70% on shipping to your country.

On which American sites can I order?

You are free to order your products from any online store in the USA.
American clothes, sneakers, cosmetics, hi tech multimedia items, motorcycle parts, children's clothing, American plus size clothing etc...

Feel free to have a look on our Blog section for our USA shopping guide to find out about the best American stores.

How to get a package from USA

How to get your own US shipping address?

STEP 1 : Register online at MisterShopUSA

Creating a Mister Shop USA customer account is free, fast and without obligation, and gives you a shipping address in our warehouse in Miami, Florida, USA.

STEP 2 : Shop online in the USA

Shop at the best American sites. If you need inspiration, check out our shopping ideas guide to the most popular online American stores.

STEP 3 : Have it delivered to Mister Shop USA

When you check out on the American website, simply enter your American MisterShopUSA address in the delivery address field. This address is visible from your MisterShopUSA customer area.

STEP 4 : We receive your American purchases

We will notify you by email each time a package is delivered to your name. Log in to your MisterShopUSA customer area to see the picture of your package. Consolidate multiple purchases into one package to save a lot on shipping costs.

Free registration at Mister Shop USA !