Curly hair and dark skin care products from USA

meilleurs produits afro américain pour cheveux et peau noir
Curly hair and dark skin care products from USA

Afro, curly hair and black skin care imported from the U.S.

Why do you think so many African American stars are launching their hair care brands in the United States?

Celebrities investing in beauty from a certain stage in their career has become very common in the United States.

The number of examples continues to grow: Jessica Alba with Honest. Not to mention the Kardashians, at the head of several cosmetic empires (Kylie Cosmetics for example), or more recently Selena Gomez who launched Rare Beauty.

Many black American celebrities are entering the market of hair products for afro and frizzy skin and hair. The singer Rihanna is an example. She has recently made emulators with her successful cosmetic brand: Fenty.

This is also the case lately with famous black American actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union, Issa Rae and Taraji P. Henson who have each launched their own successful line of hair products for Afro and textured hair (see list below).

Actress Taraji P. Henson, known in recent years for her role in Empire which has accustomed the public to her wigs and protective hairstyles, launched in 2020 TPH by Taraji, a line of vegan hair products that aims to be accessible to the general public.
It is notably available in Target supermarkets in the United States and includes products under $20.
Her brand, voted one of the best new products of 2020 by Allure magazine, wants to be "the Fenty of hair". In fact, Rihanna has become the face of the brand.

In view of the many requests for these types of cosmetic products imported from the United States.
We decided to facilitate your research by listing below a non-exhaustive list of brands of cosmetic products and care for dark skin and curly hair.

meilleurs produits afro américain pour cheveux et peau noir

Top 10 best American brands for dark skin care

Use our package reshipping services from USA to order from these American cosmetic websites for black and brown skin that do not deliver in your country:

If you're wondering which American website to order black skin care products from, look no further, you've come to the right place! Here are our Top 10 best US sites not to be missed if you are looking for unique products not found outside the US:

meilleurs produits afro américain pour cheveux et peau noir

The best American hair care products for curly and afro hair

One of these American sites does not accept your credit card? Then simply use our Assisted Purchase service from the USA.
TIP : If a website is not accessible from your country, then use a VPN to unlock access to any U.S online shop.

meilleurs produits afro américain pour cheveux et peau noir

American quality wigs and Brazilian hair care websites

Just like the Afro-American culture, the South American Brazilian culture is also very present in the United States. For this reason, we find hundreds of Brazilian hair care products based on keratin from Brazil at extremely advantageous prices much cheaper than in Europe.
Here is a list of our favorite brands:

Without forgetting that the vast majority of these products for black skin and curly hair are available in American supermarkets:

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