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Shop sneakers on the USA Nike website

Oder your sneakers from Nike store USA

To buy from an American site such as Nike store in the United States, you need a U.S. shipping address to have your online shopping shipped from U.S. sites that do not ship to your country.

Therefore, you will need the services of an agent to receive, check and then forward your packages to your final address...

Thankfully, MisterShopUSA is there to offer you its services of package forwarding from the United States.

How to order online at Nike USA ?

By following our guide and the steps below, you will be able to buy products online in USA at Nike store.
You will find good deals and promotions on sneakers, football and baseball jersey, clothing, new sneakers drop, accessories etc...

How much does it cost to ship a package from USA?

Pricing is charged at two levels: Our service charge below and the Shipping fees of your package from the United States to your address

Shipping costs for a package from the USA

You can get an estimate of how much it costs to send and receive a package from the United States by using :

A handy guide is at your disposal right here!

Of course our customer service is always available to answer all your questions!

Parcel Forwarding in Video

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