Our Personal Shopper Service from USA

service d'achat assiste personal shopper aux etats unis pour acheter sur les sites americain

Our Personal Shopper Service from USA

Your personal shopper service is a must

You want to make US purchases but you don't know how to get them delivered to your home?
It is possible to order in the United States and take advantage of a service adapted to your needs to make things easier for you.
Indeed, MisterShopUSA offers you its renowned "Personal Shopper" assisted shopping service to give you the possibility to order items on American sites with ease.

Simplified shopping with Assisted Shopping in the USA

To take advantage of this quality service, all you have to do is register for FREE on our site.
You will then have to indicate the US purchases you wish to make by filling out the "Assisted Purchase" form from your MisterShopUSA customer account to take advantage of the Personal Shopper service.
You will receive a quote related to your request within 2 hours only!
This will allow you to have a fully customized estimate at your request.
It's up to you to accept this quote or not to continue this assisted shopping service from the United States.
You will be able to proceed to the payment and let our buyer take care of the purchases for you in the US on the American site of your choice.
Upon receipt of your items, MisterShopUSA will send you photos.

Order in the USA and have them delivered in your country

All you need to do is to initiate the reshipment from the USA with a free 40 days storage if you wish to combine other packages for example.
Ordering items from the USA has never been easier with the Personal Shopper service!

All you have to do is register right here!

Shop online at any USA Store !