Parcel Forwarder in USA

parcel forwarder service de reexpedition renvoi de colis depuis les etats unis grace a votre adresse postale gratuite mistershopusa

Parcel Forwarder in USA

How to buy on US Websites?

Have you ever tried to buy a product you couldn't find in your country?

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to order this new make-up palette never seen before in the USA, this beautiful American clothing that everyone is talking about or this American car part for your beautiful 1967 mustang fastback!

But the vast majority of websites in the USA refuse to deliver outside the US.
Some American sites do not even accept foreign credit cards...
So you need a US postal address to purchase online in America have your packages delivered there.

How to order on a US website and have it delivered in your country?

You could just ask your uncle, aunt or friend who lives in the United States to make the purchase and send it back to you...

But not everyone is lucky enough to have the right friend to do this service for you...

That's when the concept of Purchase Intermediary in the USA was born, also commonly known as Parcel Forwarder!

The solution is there, you just had to find it!!!!

MisterShopUSA, one of the main players in this field, acts as a buying agent, or parcel forwarder in the United States, for your orders on American websites that do not deliver in your country.

It is nothing else than a simple FREE American Address offered to you, to deliver your purchases from American sites such as Amazon USA, Ebay USA, Nike USA, Sephora USA, Target, Walmart etc ... Yes! the list is long...

How to ship a package from USA?

So you start by creating a FREE account by clicking here to get your own FREE US Postal Address.
Then you can order your items online at any American website.
You will enter your own new MisterShopUSA U.S. Address in the delivery address field.
Upon receipt of your package, you will be notified with a photo of your package.
MisterShopUSA proceeds to the forwarding of your items to your final address anywhere in the world!
All this for a minimal cost.

But MisterShopUSA did not stop here...
Remember, above, we told you that some websites do not accept foreign credit cards...
That means that you can't even order by yourself.
So you have to ask your uncle, aunt or fiend in the United States to order online on your behalf.
You will then have to refund them with costly wire transfer for this service...

Here again MisterShopUSA comes to your rescue!

Try our Personal Shopper service from USA

Indeed, the second popular service of MisterShopUSA is a Personal Shopper service to solve this problem.

You literally have nothing to do except telling what you need to one of our buyers who will take care of ordering them for you from A to Z.
All you have to do is relax and wait for your package to be delivered from the United States!

You get that, thanks to the services of Parcel Forwarding from the USA, Free U.S. Mailing Address and Assisted Purchase, MisterShopUSA is your best friend in the United States to send you back your US purchases!
All this at a low cost and with top customer service 100% trilingual English, Spanish and French.

So don't wait any longer and try it out, you will see how addictive it can be.

How much does it cost to ship a parcel from United States?

Again, here is MisterShopUSA's little plus: You can estimate yourself the shipping costs of a parcel from the USA to your country thanks to our Shipping cost Calculator
So you can know in advance and without obligation, how much it will cost you to import a package from the USA to your country.

Of course, our customer service is there to answer you 24/7 by phone or e-mail by clicking here!

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