Shop Official NBA and NFL Jersey online in USA

Shop Official NBA and NFL Jersey online in USA

Best US Stores for NBA and NFL Jerseys with MisterShopUSA

For sports enthusiasts and fans around the world, owning official NBA and NFL jerseys and merchandise is a badge of honor. However, many international customers face challenges when it comes to accessing these items from US-based stores. Thankfully, MisterShopUSA, a leading package forwarding company, has made it possible for foreign customers to shop online at any US store and have their NBA and NFL items shipped internationally.

In this guide, we will explore some of the most famous US shops for NBA and NFL jerseys and merchandise, ensuring that fans worldwide can show their support for their favorite teams.

Authentic NBA Jersey Sites in the USA:

NBA Store:

As the official online store of the NBA, the NBA Store offers an unparalleled selection of jerseys, apparel, accessories, and collectibles. Fans can find jerseys representing all 30 NBA teams, including those of popular players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. With MisterShopUSA's service, international customers can shop at the NBA Store and proudly display their team allegiance wherever they are in the world.

NFL Shop:

The NFL Shop is the ultimate destination for NFL fans seeking authentic jerseys, apparel, and collectibles. Whether you're a devoted supporter of the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, or any of the other 32 NFL teams, the NFL Shop offers a comprehensive range of products to proudly show your team support. With MisterShopUSA's service, international customers can now cheer on their favorite NFL teams with the latest authentic American jerseys and fan items.


Lids is a renowned retailer specializing in headwear and sports merchandise. Their extensive collection includes a wide range of hats, caps, and accessories from the NBA and the NFL. Lids collaborates with top brands to offer exclusive designs and limited-edition items, making it a go-to store for sports fans looking for unique and stylish headwear. MisterShopUSA ensures that international customers can access Lids and find the perfect hat to complete their NBA or NFL outfit.


Fanatics is a major online retailer known for its wide range of licensed sports merchandise, including items from the NBA and the NFL. Their inventory covers a variety of jerseys, apparel, accessories, and collectibles from all major sports leagues. Fanatics collaborates with players, teams, and leagues to offer exclusive products, guaranteeing thatfans can find something special to celebrate their favorite NBA and NFL teams. With MisterShopUSA's service, Fanatics becomes a global shopping destination for sports enthusiasts.

Mitchell and Ness:

For fans looking to relive the glory days of the NBA and the NFL, Mitchell and Ness offers a unique collection of vintage jerseys and retro items. Their authentic reproductions of iconic jerseys from basketball and football legends allow fans to pay homage to their favorite players and teams. With MisterShopUSA's service, international customers can access Mitchell & Ness and showcase their appreciation for the rich history of the NBA and the NFL.

How to Get Your Jerseys Delivered from the USA to you?

MisterShopUSA has revolutionized the way international customers can access NBA and NFL merchandise from famous US stores. By utilizing their service, fans worldwide can now easily shop at the NBA Store, NFL Shop, Lids, Fanatics, Mitchell and Ness, and other reputable retailers. Whether you're looking for the latest NBA jersey, an exclusive NFL hat, or a vintage retro piece, MisterShopUSA ensures that your favorite NBA and NFL items can be delivered straight to your door, no matter where you are in the world. Get ready to show your team spirit and make a statement with authentic NBA and NFL merchandise!

If a website doesn't allow you to place orders from your country, simply use our Personal Shopper service in the USA.

TIP: If a website is not accessible from your country, use a VPN to unblock access to American websites.

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