Benefits of Consolidation from USA

groupage de colis des etats-unis

Benefits of Consolidation from USA

What is package consolidation?

Package consolidation is the action of grouping several parcels from different vendors into a single package in order to organize a grouped shipment.

What is the benefit of consolidation?

Grouping your various purchases made on American sites that do not deliver to your home is the best way to save on shipping costs.
It is much more advantageous to send one parcel of 5 Lbs, rather than 5 parcels of 1 Lbs each!

Consolidation from USA in image :

consolidation service save on shipping fees from usa

The above example shows a saving of more than 47% for a grouped parcel shipment from the USA to France.

You get it, our parcel grouping service becomes interesting if you want to buy on several U.S online shops because we can group all your orders in one parcel, which makes you save a lot on shipping costs.

 In addition, we allow you to store your purchases for free within our premises for 30 days, the time to make your different shopping on the American sites to combine at MisterShopUSA, your FREE US shipping address!

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