Get a U.S debit card with a MisterShop USA Billing Address

carte bancaire americaine pour shopping sur les sites aux Etats Unis
Get a U.S debit card with a MisterShop USA Billing Address

We are happy to let our customers know that MisterShopUSA has partnered with US Unlocked to give access to Virtual Payment Cards with U.S. billing addresses. Now you can easily shop any U.S. website without the hassle of using an international payment method. With US Unlocked, you can shop with a U.S. billing address and have your items delivered to one of our MisterShopUSA warehouses.

US debit card prepaid

What is US Unlocked?

US Unlocked offers the ability to purchase US Goods with Virtual Payment Cards that have US Billing Address. That means you can use their services to purchase products you normally would be restricted from having access to.

Is it an actual card?

They are virtual cards, meaning you will not have the actual plastic in your hands, but you will use the number, expiration date and billing address provided to you for online payments.

Are the US Unlocked cards a credit card?

No, they are virtual prepaid debit cards. You can only spend the amount of money that you have in your US Unlocked Account. If a website asks for your credit card information you can use your US Unlocked Virtual Payment Card information, even though it is a debit card.

American virtual credit card

How to get your US Unlocked Debit Card?

STEP 1 : Apply online at US Unlocked

Applying for your US Unlocked Account is easy and require basic informations.

STEP 2 : Choose MisterShopUSA as your forwarder

Your MisterShopUSA U.S shipping address will match with your US Unlocked debit card billing address

STEP 3 : Load your US Unlocked account

You can load any amount between $50 and $3500. Your card will be ready for use when the first US Unlocked Account load payment clears. The latter takes 3-5 business days.

STEP 4 : Shop online at any U.S. Merchants

Use your US Unlocked card to shop online at any U.S. stores and have your packages shipped to your MisterShopUSA address. We will take care of the reshipping to your foreign delivery address.

*Disclaimer : Any fees related to the use of your US Unlocked virtual prepaid payment card are charged by US Unlocked. MisterShopUSA is only acting as your reshipper.

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